Welcome to the official website of Rod to Wire Corporation (Pty.) Ltd.

Based in South Africa, our company was established in 1991 with the exclusive aim to service the welding consumables manufacturing industry. Within the same year we started to diversify and added numerous other products to our range to the point where our initial core business comprise only 20% of our total production. Today we boast the capability to produce wire for a very wide range of applications. Being a dinamic company, we listen to the needs of our customers, and thus our range grows continiously. We have the capability to handle very large orders, but still cater for the smaller consumer, and frequently handle orders as small as 250kg per size and quality.


Experts in the pickling, phosphating, annealing and spheroidizing of wire for specialized applications.

5 Rover Road
South Africa

Producers of fine quality wire for the manufacturing of bolts, nuts, screws, nails, etc.
Drawing of black hard drawn wire for general applications.
Straightening and cutting of wire for point-of-sale and white appliance market.
Drawing and copper coating of wire for sub-merged arc welding.
Drawing and bright annealing of copperwire.