About Us

ROD TO WIRE CORPORATION (Pty.) Ltd. is a privately owned company with 3 members. It was established in 1991 with our main objective being to supply the Welding Consumable manufacturers with wire for the manufacturing of Electrode Core Wire and Sub-arc welding wire. The Company diversified in the first year already to include general purpose wire and wire for the fastener manufacturers and a host of other applications. We boast a very enthusiastic professional team with SERVICE EXCELLENCE as objective.

Due to this very reason, we grew with leaps and bounds since 1991 to become an important role player in the wire industry in SOUTH AFRICA. We are a self-sufficient company that produce 80% of all our wire in it's final state on our premises, ie: Pickling, Phosphating, Annealing, Controlled atmosphere annealing, Spheroidizing, Copper coating, drawing, straightening and cutting. Because we can accommodate smaller end users, we have a very broad base of customers, with different needs.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we use as raw material, locally produced steel rod with 100% South African content, that is well accepted all over the world. We have thus penetrated the export market some 6 years ago already, with very positive results. Please feel free to make contact with us; any enquiry, how large or small it may be, will be accommodated with the normal enthusiasm.